Aluminium Gutter Guard

Ski Slope Gutter Guard

The system is fitted to follow the contour of the roof and is clamped down with colorbond trim to the top of the lip on the gutter. So unlike gutter guards which fit inside the gutter this enables leaves and debris to slide off with the help of gravity and wind. The issue we have found after fitting alot of In-Gutter systems in the past was that leaves and sticks pile up on top and collect dirt and debris (which would then end up in the gutter anyway) and in some cases weight down and cause the guard to collapse and cause a blockage.


Bush Fire Rated

Premium and plain metal guards have been tested, by CSIRO, and have passed the AS1530.2 and thus are non-combustible leaf guards. This makes these products fully compliant with AS3959:2009 and the BCA.

New Bushfire Standard AS3959:2009

New statutory regulations, AS3959:2009 (Building in a Bushfire Prone Area) recommends that all new or renovated buildings within bushfire prone areas have non-combustible leaf guards installed. In order for a system to comply with this standard it must have a fire rating of 5 or less (5 being the lowest rating) and be tested in accordance with AS1530.2.

Your Safety – No More Cleaning Gutters

Reduce the need to climb up on your roof to clean your gutters constantly. Injuries and even deaths are a common problem for people climbing up on ladders and falling from roofs year round in Australia. By having a quality gutter guard fitted to your roof can help keep your gutters clear and water flowing and save you from doing the dangerous task of cleaning your gutters.

Stop Unwanted Guests Nesting in your Gutters or Entering your Roof

Do you have birds, possums or pests in your roof?

Mr Gutter Guard creates a secure barrier between your roof and gutter protecting it from unwanted visitors. The roof stays permanently sealed so that birds, possums and other pests can’t enter your roof.

Gutters are the most common entry point for birds, possums and pests to enter your roof. These pests can nest and create a noisy, messy and unhealthy environment and may cause serious damage, which can be very hard to control in its later stages.

Rainwater Harvesting – Keeping it Clean

By keeping your gutters clear of rotting debris, soil, insects and other infestations you can be sure to be collecting clean water in your tanks.

Leaf protection

Mr gutter guard eliminates leaves and debris from entering your gutter system which can lead to a range of problems. Most people will clean or pay someone to maintain their guttering several times a year. Mr Gutter Guard will remove the hard work and danger by keeping you off the roof all together. All gutter guards will need some basic maintenance and will all need to be flushed every 2-4 years. This is a service we can provide and is only a phone call away. With our gutter guard being such a quality product, there is never any need for removal. We simply low pressure wash through the mesh and flush gutters and down pipes leaving them free and flowing.

  • Removes the hassle of climbing ladders for cleaning
  • Protects your home from possible water damage
  • Prevents infestations of vermin
  • Maintenance-free gutter guard
  • Improves bushfire protection for your home
  • UV-resistant and handles all weather conditions
  • A quality Australian made product with products up to a 15 year warranty
  • Available in a range of colorbond colours

Frequently Asked Questions

Depends on how many lineal metres of guttering to be covered and the pitch of the roof. Steep pitched roofs will take longer so will tend to be a bit more. If you have a big 2 storey house doesnt mean you have a lot of gutters. Some single storey places have more lineal metres of gutters than laarger 2 storey places.

On approximate. Around 80 – 100 Lineal metres in a day

Yes the Aluminium gutter guard now has a 20 year warranty!

No we dont sell gutter guard so can fit any gutter guard you like. Over the years we have found this system to be the most effective and also the easiest to maintain. We do fit another steel guard which is quite good but is quite more expensive and isn’t necessarily any better.

No gutter guard is designed to keep everything out. You still need to clean silt out of the gutter every 2-3 years or so. If done on time it is easy to do. If you leave it for too long there can be a build up and will mound up with moss and block the gutter. We find if the gutter has dips in it anywhere when installed it usually happens faster in these areas.