Hi Lincoln. Thankyou very much for sending Tommy round to my place at Newport to clean the gutters last Saturday, 13/7/13. My gutters were completely clogged, causing big problems during the recent heavy rain, and I was desperate to get them cleaned properly before the next rain. Tommy did a really great job on the gutters and also on blowing the leaves and sticks off my roof which he did without even being prompted by me.  He was very thorough with his work, very professional and a real gentleman, polite, thorough, well mannered and eager to do the best job he could.

In addition to cleaning the gutters so well and also cleaning up the debris on the ground afterwards, Tommy also identified some broken tiles which were responsible for the water flowing across my ceiling and he patched them up - going back up his ladder to do this when he had already finished his job and been paid. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble for Tommy - he was clearly there to please and to do a really good job - he even went out of his way to clear an area of guttering which I hadn't identified.

I would recommend Tommy to anyone at all who needs their gutters cleaned and wants them done well. A special thank you also to Tommy for the before and after photos of my roof and guttering which clearly showed the amazing job he did - from gutters which were completely jammed with decayed and decaying leaf matter - to shining clean and absolutely clear.

Well done to Tommy. I'll be booking him for all future cleans and recommending him anyone I know who needs their gutters cleaned.