Gutter Cleaning


No matter what your guttering problem, Mr Gutter Clean has the solution by using our revolutionary cleaning practice. We really can solve problems that others can’t.

Gutter cleaning is one of the most important things you can do to maintain the beauty and value of your home. Failing to regularly clean gutters can cause a number of problems for home owners. Gutters which fill up with debris become full and heavy and eventually distort the proper angle of the gutter. When it rains, the water overflows at the blockage and leaks behind the gutter. This overflowing water can then travel into your home and cause substantial water damage. Often most home owners are unaware of the water damage until it is too late and costly repairs are required to both the home and the gutters.

Debris also collected in your gutters can act as a potential fire hazard. Embers from fires, including an outdoor BBQ,  can travel long distances, if an ember lands in a gutter full of debris, it can ignite causing a house fire. All Australian Fire and Rescue Services recommend that gutters are cleaned regularly to reduce the risk of a house fire, especially during bushfire season.

Insects and vermin love living and breeding in debris filled gutters. If leaves, twigs and debris are allowed to gather, insects, rodents and natural wide life will nest.  Without regular cleaning, vermin can begin to invade your property.

Think about the risks involved in cleaning gutters. Working on roofs and utilising ladders is dangerous work, even for professionals. A recent study conducted by the Prince Alfred Hospital in Melbourne found that an alarming 85% of ladder accidents occur around the home. The reported injuries in this study ranged from a punctured lung through to death.

Cleaning gutters is hard and exhausting work. You have to collect your ladder, set it up correctly, grab a bucket, scoop out the debris and then repeat this process over and over hundreds of time. Before you know it, you have wasted half the day, your hands are cut from reaching into the gutter and your back, legs and arms are sore from constantly moving up and down the ladder. This unfortunately is the best case scenario, because you haven't had an accident.

Let Mr Gutter Clean take care of it…..