Anchor Points


Mr Gutter Clean offers various types of anchor point installations for various applications including single anchor points for fall arrest and industrial rope access, static line safety system design and anchor point installation.

Mr gutter Clean’s expert height safety consultant will come free of charge to assess and provide you with a detailed report and drafted plans of a safety systems that suits your building & requirements and complies with Work cover legislation and reliant Australian standards.

The requirement anchor point installation in NSW Work cover Legislation is that any personnel working or is accessing a fall zone that is above 1.8mts or within the 2meter zone that the personnel is safely secured to a certified safety system that complies with Australian Standards AS 1891 and AS 4488.

Anchor point installation is compulsory for any areas of a roof, structure or areas above 1.8mtrs this is a requirement from work cover NSW, so an anchor point installation method is key for the safety of any worker that may need to work in these areas.