New gutter guard installed at Gordon NSW. We use only quality aluminium gutter guards with Akso Nobel powder coating. Colorbond trim and zip screws coloured to match with gutter colour to blend in nicely. We only recommend gutter guards if people really need it. If you have ever questioned, are gutter guards really worth it or not? You should always consider.

  1. How often you are having to clean your gutters. If your right under a large tree then theres a good chance your gutters will fill up quite quickly
  2. How long you intend on staying in the property. If you might be selling in a years time then might not be the best investment.
  3. If you have high front gutters without overflow slots. Years back people were installing High Front gutters (where the lip of the gutter is higher than the fascia board) to hide the edge of the roof line for aesthetics. Unfortunately when the gutters block up the water has no where to go but back inside. If its not time to change the gutters then it could be a better option to install a guard to prevent water damage.
  4. Possums and bird problems. Yes a gutter guard is a good option